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Drip cakes

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Drip cakes are a great alternative for a celebration cake that adds a bit of class and is perfect for any kind of event or occasion. Time and time again, it’s the star attraction!

Drip Cakes

Please take a look through the gallery for inspiration, 
if there is something you haven't found, please get in touch to discuss and we are more than happy to put a creation together for you. The ideas are endless!

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flavours & fillings

Cake Portion Guides

The size of your cake will be determined by the number of guests you wish to serve, and what size portions you intend on serving. To help you determine which size cake you'll need, please refer to the table on the left.

Please note that if you are having models/features on the top of the cake, you may need a larger size cake to fit it all on.

Size 5” Square fruit cake 15 to 20 Round fruit cake 10 to 15 Square sponge cake 10 to 12 Round sponge cake 6 to 8
Size 6” Square fruit cake 25 to 30 Round fruit cake 20 to 35 Square sponge cake 12 to 15 Round sponge cake 10 to 12
Size 7” Square fruit cake 35 to 40 Round fruit cake 30 to 35 Square sponge cake 20 to 25 Round sponge cake 15 to 20
Size 8” Square fruit cake 45 to 60 Round fruit cake 40 to 45 Square sponge cake 25 to 30 Round sponge cake 20 to 25
Size 9” Square fruit cake 65 to 75 Round fruit cake 55 to 65 Square sponge cake 30 to 40 Round sponge cake 25 to 30
Size 10” Square fruit cake 80 to 90 Round fruit cake 70 to 80 Square sponge cake 40 to 50 Round sponge cake 30 to 40
Size 11” Square fruit cake 95 to 115 Round fruit cake 85 to 95 Square sponge cake 50 to 60 Round sponge cake 40 to 45
Size 12” Square fruit cake 120 to 130 Round fruit cake 100 to 110 Square sponge cake 60 to 70 Round sponge cake 45 to 55

your questions, answered

how much is a wedding cake?

As all cakes are bespoke, a set price cannot be given due to the work and detailing involved on each individual cake. If you complete the Contact From with as much detail as possible, I can get back to you with your quotation.

If you would like to book a Cake Consultation, please email us or call 07975 533 724.

How Much Notice Do you Need?

For wedding cakes, 3 months is recommended, and 4 - 6 weeks for celebration cakes. Short notice orders may be accommodated if there is availability

Do you deliver?

Yes. There is a small delivery fee of £5 for the Warrington area. Outside of this area will be more, depending on the distance travelled. Please ask for more information. You are more than welcome to collect too

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted?

Cash, Bank Transfer, and PayPal (Plus transaction fee).

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