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Fillings & Flavours

All my cakes are freshly home-made using the best ingredients for a delicious taste.  They are coated in a luxurious Belgian chocolate ganache before they are iced to give a crisp, clean, flawless finish to give that extra wow factor to your cake.

I offer a variety of flavours and they come under two categories of Classic and Premium. Premium flavours have extra ingredients which do incur a small extra charge.

Please note that I only make normal cake sponges and gluten free sponges - not Dairy, Vegan or Egg Free cakes.

C L A S S I C   F L A V O U R S

CLASSIC VANILLA  - Vanilla sponge cake with vanilla flavoured buttercream with a choice of strawberry or raspberry jam.

LEMON  - Lemon sponge infused with tangy lemon syrup and filled with lemon curd buttercream.

RED VELVET  - Red velvet sponge with a hint of chocolate with a choice of vanilla buttercream or cream cheese filling.

CHOCOLATE  - Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream.

RASPBERRY RIPPLE - Vanilla sponge filled with pink raspberry ripple buttercream and raspberry jam.

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE -Vanilla sponge filled with pink strawberry milkshake buttercream and strawberry jam.

COFFEE - Golden coffee infused sponge with a coffee buttercream filling.

P R E M I U M  F L A V O U R S 

CHOCOLATE MUD - A dense and very moist chocolate brownie type cake filled with chocolate ganache.

CHOCOLATE FUDGE - Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate and golden syrup buttercream.

PINK CHAMPAGNE - Pink sponge cake infused with champagne syrup and filled with white chocolate & champagne buttercream.

TOFFEE & SALTED CARAMEL - Toffee sponge cake with a rich and creamy sea salted caramel filling.

WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY - White chocolate sponge added with fresh raspberries and filled with a white chocolate ganache buttercream.

CARROT - Carrot cake with a cream cheese filling.

CHERRY BAKEWELL - Almond flavoured sponge layered with a delicious cherry preserve.

OREO - Dark chocolate sponge with finely crushed Oreos filled with vanilla buttercream and small chopped Oreo pieces.

FRUIT - Moist fruit cake soaked with Brandy and covered in a thin layer of marzipan and white icing.

CHOCOLATE ORANGE - Chocolate sponge cake infused with orange zest and filled with chocolate orange buttercream.

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